GAOKE RUBBER &PLASTIC hydraulic hose · 1 million pulse tests passed smoothly in one go

Time of issue:2024-03-15

On March 7, 2024, after 15 days of continuous testing, GAOKE RUBBER &PLASTIC's technical department completed 1 million pulse tests on self-made hydraulic hoses (using the Italian Bilmar pulse test bench). The number of test pulses is set to 5 times the national standard (200000 times is qualified according to the national standard), and there is no damage such as leakage, detachment, or bulging in the test hose. The test results prove that the GAOKE RUBBER &PLASTIC hydraulic hose has reached the international leading level.

On March 7, 2024, after 15 days of continuous testing, GAOKE RUBBER &PLASTIC has always adhered to winning the market with quality and seeking development with quality, introducing and cultivating high-end talents in the industry, and focusing on the research and development and production of high-quality rubber hoses for more than 20 years. Equipped with international frontline equipment, the weaving machine adopts German Mayer, the winding machine adopts American Magnate, and the fully automatic extruder adopts Japanese technology and is equipped with German Sikora caliper and thickness gauge to ensure the accuracy and purity of the rubber hose; The steel wire is made of Belgian Bekaert, ensuring the pressure and endurance of the rubber hose; The rubber raw materials are made from Germany's Langsheng, and the formula and production process have been verified multiple times to ensure that each batch of rubber material goes through 18 mixing processes and a standard process of triple filtration in the mixing center. The production process is dust-free, and weaving and winding are carried out at a constant temperature to ensure the high performance and stability of the rubber hose.

The top-notch raw materials, high-end equipment, advanced technology, and strict quality control have laid a solid foundation for the quality of GAOKE RUBBER &PLASTIC's rubber hoses. GAOKE RUBBER &PLASTIC will continue to adhere to customer centricity, continuously innovate technology, improve product quality, and become a leading demonstration enterprise in the international and domestic rubber industry.


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